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Double the impact, double the warm fuzzies

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Christmas aside, I made December a month of gifts for a different reason: every day I’ve been giving a gift, whether it be a gesture, a donation, or a pint of blood.  And in  the course of these gifts, I’ve found that I love being a donor almost as much as I love being a fundraiser.  And I’ve stumbled across several don’t-miss-it gems of the donation world: matching gifts.

For anyone not in the know yet, these fundraising campaigns involve a donor (often anonymous) who offers to match every dollar raised, sometimes even two-for-one, during a specific time period.  As a donor, especially a small one like me (true in both stature and bank account), matching gifts are a chance to give twice the capacity without twice the hole in our wallets.

With that in mind, check out three nonprofits currently running matching gift campaigns ending this week (links will open donation page in new window):

1. Muttville (San Francisco, CA) finds homes for elderly dogs that otherwise would meet bad ends in shelters.  In honor of their 500th adoption, an anonymous donor is matching all gifts through December 31.

2. CARE empowers the world’s poorest women to lift their families out of poverty.  A group of donors will match every contribution dollar for dollar until December 31.

3. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center received a pledge from the parents of founder Jeff Bezos to match, two for one, every donation made for immunotherapy research by December 31.  (Full disclosure: the Center is my employer but I am not involved in this campaign.)

Do you know of another matching gift campaign in the final countdown this week?  Post the link in a comment so others can start 2010 with some doubly-good karma.

Written by eclawson

December 27, 2009 at 7:02 PM